Plantains with Wilted Spinach

April 8, 2008

Plantains with Wilted Spinach and Pancetta

Plantains with Wilted Spinach and Pancetta

For two:
1/4lb pancetta, cubed
1 plantain, ripe
3 cups loose fresh spinach

In a skillet on high heat, fry the pancetta until mostly crisp. Add diagnoally sliced plantains and reduce heat to medium high, adding a tablespoon or so of butter. Add salt & pepper. Flip plantains after they’ve colored on one side. When they’re done, put the spinach on top and throw a lid of any size at least as big as the pan over the top, and turn off the heat. Let it sit about a minute, then toss all of it together and serve.

We ate it up with some granola with milk and fresh strawberries, and delicious Blue Bottle coffee.

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