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Morro Bay Dover Sole with Orange Sauce & Watercress Salad

November 25, 2008

1/3lb (or more) dover sole filets (from morro bay)
juice of one orange
salt & pepper

They’ve been carrying Morro Bay Dover Sole at Andronico’s for a great price lately, and since it is a little heartier than other types of sole I’ve been digging in. Heartier=more versatile, less breakable.

Heat a non stick skillet to medium high heat. Add the butter and let heat until it stops bubbling (water evaporates). Give the fish a light touch of salt, then dredge the filets in flour and shake excess off. Place into pan and turn when 2/3rds done and the edges have curled up a bit. Use a fish turner to flip the fish and finish it. Place on a warm platter.

With the heat lowered to low, add the juice of one orange directly into the pan. let the drippings and orange juice reduce. When slightly thickened but still moist, add a small amount of the leftover flour, whisky vigorously with your fish turner until smooth. Add a bit of salt & pepper. Pour over the fish, and viola!

Watercress salad

Pick good greens, wash them thoroughly by “floating” them in water, dry well. Make a dressing of high quality, light & fruity olive oil, quality salt, a small bit of fresh ground pepper, and a bit of concentrated orange juice or a squirt of lemon. Add a bit of minced shallot or garlic as well. Whisk together, dress the watercress, and serve.

Wine: Would be great with a tropical sauvingon blanc (like one from New Zealand full of passionfruit and papaya), or with a full bodied Chardonnay like a Mersault.

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