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Damn Fresh Sesame Crusted Halibut (Gomashio Halibut)

April 18, 2009

Dropped into the store looking for a good white grilling fish to go with some Urad Dal I made and some delicious organic salad greens, stared at the case for a minute a little disappointed at the two remaining halibut filets and spotted the fishmonger slicing and dicing a huge halibut! Well you can bet your pretty penny I did score myself some of that!

Just use your gas grill (and get yourself one, dummy, if you don’t have one!) and top your halibut in macadamia oil (or other high heat oil) then gomashio (ground toasted sesame seeds and sea salt). Don’t overcook it! Halibut dries out easily, and when you score something this fresh, you better respect!

Wine: We had some delicious, inexpensive Broadbent Vinho Verde.

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