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Apple Turnovers & Chocolate Croissants

May 17, 2009

So I’ve been trying to be part of the blogosphere, become integrated with the already successful foodies, you know, catch up. Make this serious. Realllll serious.

So I was reading Orangette (for the uninformed of us, who have not done their food blog research, behind it is Molly, who, after writing a quality food blog for some time, managed to nail down a monthly column in Bon Apetite), and wandered to Bon Apetit’s website, and found a recipe for Apple Turnovers.

I tried to make some a few weeks ago but was a little retarded in using my DuFour pastry, and they blew up the size of bike helmets and it was pretty ridiculous. So while I made my own filling, I did follow the method and sizing used in the article and then made some mini or skinny or plain different chocolate croissants as well. It worked out since I rarely get through the fruit in my CSA delivery, and had several near bad apples hanging around, ready to be made into a delicious chunky apple filling.

We spent yesterday exercising and cleaning the yard, ending the day with an evening walk (read: hike–we’re talking 55 minutes of over a hill and down a hill walking!). Today, we got to bake the pastries I prepared last night (I froze them in their shapes and put the egg wash on the outside this morning before baking) and enjoy the garden.

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