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18 reasons / Meatpaper / Julio Duffoo / Artesenial, local Chaucuterie

June 25, 2009

I had the lovely chance to discover and attend an event at 18 reasons, an art gallery and gathering place for those interested in the production and consumption of (good) food, which is owned by BiRite (Creamery & Market) in the Mission District of San Francisco. I even ran into a co-worker

There was an exhibit of photographs Julio Duffoo featuring mostly people in the livestock/slaughter/butcher industries, from industrial/large scale down to the urban farmer with a turkey coop in the back yard (in Oakland!). The photos were interesting but the real draw for me was a friend of a friend making the delicious chaucuterie platters we snacked on with our wine throughout the evening.

We had headcheese. We had rabbit pate. We had two kinds of salami, two kinds of prosciutto, lamb sausages (from a class the chef of the evening had taken on lamb butchering), some things I didn’t figure out. It was delicious.

And, because it’s around the corner from BiRite Market and the block of the mission with some of my very favorite food vendors, I scored a few things from Tartine, took a spin through BiRite, and nomnomnom’d on a bowl of ice cream (creme fraiche, salted caramel, cookies n cream) with my ‘boo.

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