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10 Courses of Pasta and then we rolled over: Quince SF

September 3, 2009

I’ve been procrastinating on this one, which was probably not the best idea since it is painfully difficult to remember the details of 10 courses the same night, let alone weeks later, delightful as they were.

We had the opportunity to dine at Quince (Yelp) with a friend who once worked there making pasta and other duties. Because of this, we had a rather fantastic 10 course pasta meal with multiple desserts and interludes that took up our whole Tuesday evening.

As a normal denizen, I’d recommend going on Tuesday evening simply because the chef’s tasting menu IS a pasta tasting menu on Tuesdays…except, we had the expanded, customized version.

Frankly, I was so mesmerized by the food we were eating and the wine we were drinking that I didn’t manage to whip out my camera until we were nearly through; it was dark anyway.

We ate a little lobster salad with speck and watermelon to start with, a little amuse bouche. I will not be able to fully recall what we ate but I’ll try:

Francobolli (postage stamp style ravioli) filled with cipollini onion and with a frothy fresh english pea sauce–this was incredible, delightful, light

Spaghetti with clam, melon, espresso — surprisingly tasty

“Cannoli” (i think??) with ricotta

Little hat shaped pastas with a rim in an amazing broth i could not figure out with some orange, stock, etc

Tortelli of carbonara – filled with speck, egg, parsley in a carbonara type sauce (egg yolk)

A thick, northern noodle that was firm and dense made with farro and with a confit or braised meat and other rich, delicious things

Dessert included blackberry gelees and sorbettos, exploding honey domes, chocolate crunchies, peaches–there were several, followed with a plate of cookies and miniture cakes and verbena truffles.

(Officially, we had June Pride Peaches with Greek yogurt sorbet and poppy seed cake, Frozen blackberry tart with coconut sorbetto and buckwheat crumble, and provencal almond gelato with soft chocolate, lavender and honey.)

I’m doing a poor job of reconstructing this so I will consult with our ex-cook friend and see what we can remember.

And then, we snuck into the kitchen and had a peek. Apologies for the low light photography but I had to be a little discreet.

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  • Reply stephanie September 4, 2009 at 3:15 am

    OMG, my belly is so jealous. i’ve been so excited about this post and i’m not disappointed. mmmmm.

  • Reply Katie September 4, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Wow! That looks incredible. I’m definitely adding Quince to our list of places to try!

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