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Container Garden: Episodes against the black thumb, part 1

July 13, 2010

After thinking for some time, I planted a container garden. Actually, I planted half of what I’d like to, and can’t find some of the plants I’d like to plant. Perhaps they’re out of season. That’s how amateur I am.

The beets, rainbow chard, and early girl tomato plant are in pots. I’m awaiting more pots this weekend, in which to put the genovese basil, arugula, red and green lettuces, and english thyme.

I’ve been tending to the garden, too. Last weekend a hydrangea, a fuchsia with light lime color leaves and several other decorative plants went into their new homes. I found a spiral rush (think thick grass worms in the shape of unicorn horns!) and put it in a fabulous galvanized pot. Still have some decorative sage and other interesting plants to put in the ground over the next few days.

A few weeks back I planted begonias, and they seem to be pretty happy where they landed.

Here are some SF purveyors I used in my recent gardening:

Three Bees Nursery

Flora Grubb Gardens

Under One Roof

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