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Garlic Green Beans

August 27, 2008

Fresh green beans or blue lake green beans (haricot-vert)
Lots of fresh, firm garlic, peeled & minced
Great olive oil
1-2 T butter
salt & pepper

Wash & trim the green beans. Cut into smaller, uniform pieces.

Bring a skillet to medium high heat. Add butter. Once melted and water cooks out, but before browning, add minced garlic. Reduce heat to medium low.

Once garlic is softened but not dark, turn heat back to medium or medium high, add green beans and a touch of olive oil to wet the pan enough. Add salt & pepper. Cook at this heat until bright green, then reduce heat to medium low until beans are softer but still crisp. Turn heat off, top with more excellent, fruity/light olive oil, and serve.

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