Floored Eggs (Egg Scramble with Smoked Pancetta, Chard, Chevre)

June 13, 2009

This morning started out really well. A friend came to be my running partner, another showed up for the breakfast we were to make afterwards. We enjoyed the back yard for a sunny, late morning breakfast, and followed it with bellini’s for most of the rest of the day.

Serves 3:
6 large eggs
2 oz chevre (fresh, soft goat cheese, I like capricho di cabra)
1 cup chopped, clean rainbow chard, no stems
1 1/2 inch piece smoked pancetta

Whisk the eggs and add salt & pepper. Dice the pancetta very finely and add to hot, non-stick pan. Let cook until craips and reduced by half. Oil is now in the pan as a result. Reduce heat from medium high to low, add eggs. Stir and move constantly at low heat–this will take longer than you may be used to, but will result in a creamier, more tasty egg.

When starting to firm up, but still runny, add the chard. Fold to incorporate to cook. As it begins to wilt and incorporate, add the chevre, cubed or in rough chunks, about the size of 1/2 a kumquat.

When still wet looking, but without being runny, and before it browns, serve the eggs. Try not to let the pan slip from your hand and land on the floor, but if it does, then you’ve made floored eggs too.

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