Snapper with Red & Green sauces, fennel, & israeli couscous

July 26, 2009

This was a weeknight meal, which, admittedly, didn’t flow all that well together (couscous vs fish & sauce), but was very tasty and healthy.

Israeli Couscous (with amendment: pine nuts instead of almonds, though I prefer the latter almost, and this is also one of the most delicious and easy things you’ll ever make, and it’s surprisingly versatile)

Snapper, dredged in flour and fried in butter (3 fillets) until cooked but definitely not over cooked

Basil sauce (In the food processor, fresh basil, juice of one lemon, olive oil, two cloves garlic, puree until it looks like above)

Roasted Tomato & Pepper sauce (Roast heirlooms with spring onions in olive oil, salt, pepper until soft and in their own liquid. Puree in food processor, add chunks of fresh gypsy peppers, add salt)

Roasted fennel slivers (tossed in olive oil, cut cleanly and evenly, not too heavily coated, some salt, and into the oven for some color and texture)

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