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My Kitchen: Back In Action

September 6, 2009

The original plan was to throw my stuff in storage while evacuating a home of disbanding roommates, to buy the bare essentials from ikea, from east bay restaurant supply, from the dollar store–make do in the studio together for a couple of months, save some money, move out and back into the world of roommates.

But it didn’t make sense to, so a year later and a winter without the majority of my sweaters (I moved at the beginning of summer….) I’ve been working with a 3/4 size electric stove (a full gas range and plenty of counter space was always a priority in finding my own place), a kitchen full of abandoned laptops, computer fans, hooks that were never hung on the wall, and, after buying a new coffee pot as a gift for my (wonderful) boyfriend, inevitably two coffee pots next to each other on the very limited counter space. Thank the powers that be for our amazing back yard! Hello, sanctuary!

Well this has changed. My parents visited for the weekend, we took them up on an offer to help and grabbed what we thought was all of my kitchen boxes from a storage unit an hour from our place in SF, brought them back and I delightfully rummaged through them finding what I couldn’t wait any longer to have back. This means our space is even more impacted now, but I feel like I have my artillery back!

I mean, I unpacked reidel tumblers, nonstick pans, multiple whisks, a pasta machine (which I have mixed feelings about), a french press, the many many things I’ve missed. Now, I’m thinking I must have missed a box. Where is my Deruta pitcher & espresso cups??? Surely we missed one–so when I return the stuff I don’t have room for right now we can start the whole process again–I’m sure you’re really happy to read that, right, boyfriend?

Good things to come y’all.

Two Memories in my Berkeley Kitchen:

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    Awww…I miss the Berkeley kitchen!

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