Spring in San Francisco & No Posts in December 2009

April 18, 2010

Right now, It’s clearly spring in San Francisco.

I’m enjoying seeing new leaves pop onto the maple every day, filtering light to make it seem like it’s golden hour all morning long.  A pair of bluejays (or some kind of blue birds) have built a nest in one of our lemon trees and spend the morning chasing each other between the trees while we eat waffles. I like to notice the sunshine as it moves to the others side of the house throughout the day. I sound like an old lady but I really like being here, cooking, eating, reading these days.

People ask me what I’m doing on the weekend and lately I’ve replied that I hope I’m doing nothing.

You may have noticed that there aren’t any posts in December 2009. This is for a few reasons.

1) I was busy with work, closing out a year and fighting for a promotion which I ended up getting
2) I moved. Yes! You may recall that I had a rather insufficient kitchen. Well, as of December, no more!
3) I was out of town. It’s December. People go places. Forgive me.
4) I was thinking about where to place my Jonah & The Whale mobile in the new place. I purchased this as really the only momento of my very early trip with Y to Paris. It’s been sitting waiting to come out for two years. I settled on the open pantry which you can see from the kitchen and the dining room, which I also painted a pretty sherbert orange that does not photograph very well close up.

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